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Natural Deodorant & Hand Sanitizer using doTERRA essential oils

 Saturday, April 6, 2013

Have you ever wondered if the products you put on your body affect the inside of your body?  Well, I'll give you a little hint...your skin is the largest organ of your body!!!  So, most definitely yes, whatever you put on your body will eventually get into your body.  That is why it is so important for us to use more natural products on our skin.  All of the hidden chemicals in traditional products can and will have a damaging affect on our bodies.  If you would like to start using effective all natural products that have no harmful side effects, you have come to the right place!  Today, I will start you out with just a few.  No worries though, more will follow.
Pam's Pure Deodorant (and yes, it is amazing how well this works!!!)
3 T coconut oil
3 T Shea butter
2 T corn starch
2 T baking soda (aluminum free)
10 drops of doTERRA Purify oil blend
Additional oil of choice (I use elevation or Bergamot)
1 airtight glass container

Mix all ingredients in a glass bowl with a hand mixer. Use rubber scraper to add mixture to glass container. If mixture starts to melt, just place in refrigerator. 
Apply pea-size amount under arms.

Liquid Hand Sanitizer (smells so fresh and clean with no yucky residue!) 
2 cups distilled water
15 drops of  doTERRA Eucalyptus oil
15 drops of doTERRA Lemon oil
10 drops of doTERRA Clove oil
5 drops of  doTERRA Cinnamon oil
1/4 tsp doTERRA Onguard concentrate cleaner or 25 drops Onguard oil
1 spray bottle or 5 travel size bottles
Mix all ingredients in spray bottle. Shake well. Use

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